Ways to Reuse in Savannah

Ever thought about lining shelves with gift wrap or using an empty butter container as Fido’s new food dish? By being a little creative you can be completely resourceful. Think about the amount of stuff that gets thrown away just in one day at your home. Many times we toss things we think we can’t use again. But reusing items can save you money –and lots of it! If nothing else, it will reduce your trash bill at the end of the month. Plus, reusing items conserves natural resources and reduces the need for landfills.

Where to Start
Take a look around your home. There are tons of items that can be reused! Instead of jotting your grocery list down on a piece of paper that will eventually get thrown away, right it down on junk mail you’re going to toss anyway! Use rechargeable batteries and even wash that plastic cup a few times before you toss it.

When you take notes during a meeting at work, use both sides of a piece of paper. Instead of using a folder as just a folder, jot any pertinent notes on the inside – you’ll save on the need for paper. Even when you’re outside you can be reusing items. Those grass clippings you were just going to toss actually make great fertilizer when planting or gardening.

And remember the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” When you’ve had just about enough of that purple sweater Mom got you for the holidays three years ago, consider dropping it off at church or to a local charity. You may just make someone’s day! If your husband is working on a project and needs a power tool, ask the neighbor if you can borrow it. In fact, offer to let them use your tools, too. You’ll save money and cut down on the need for buying more packaged materials, which generate more waste. Yes even your old toothbrush can be reused. They not only make a great punishment for the kids to scrub the floor, they can help shine up silver that was passed down in your family.

When you want to save money and help the ecosystem, remember to reuse before you toss it out!