Reducing Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Your Home, Garden and Community

With global warming on everyone’s mind, now is a great time to think of ways you, too can help the earth’s ecosystem. By reducing your greenhouse gas emissions, you can help curb the negative effects of global warming. The first place to start? Right at home.

Going Green at Home
It’s no secret that appliances use up a lot of energy in our homes. When buying any appliance, look for the label ENERGY STAR. This will not only save you money in the long run by using less electricity, it will save energy as well. This year before winter comes, take steps such as insulating your home and using weather stripping around windows and doors to reduce drafts. Consider using solar energy or a windmill to help offset the amount of electricity you use at home. Here’s a neat trick – exercise right before you shower. This way you’ll want to take a cooler shower and you’ll save hot water, which saves energy! When doing laundry, use cold water instead of hot. If it’s a nice summer day, hang your clothes on the line instead of using the dryer.

When gardening this year, plant a tree or two. Instead of releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, trees actually store it. To beautify your home and cut down on energy costs, consider placing plant containers on your roof. They act as an insulator in the winter and summer, plus look lovely!

Lead by Example – Going Green in Your Community
Chances are when a friend, neighbor or coworker notices you doing something good for the environment, they’ll see “hey, I can do that.” Tell them what you know about the effects of global warming and what they can do to help. Attend meetings or start your own group raising awareness about the benefits of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar that does not emit C02 gases. You can even write a letter to the editor of your local paper, warning residents about the dangers of global warming and what they can do to help stop it. Above all: be creative! Walk to the store or car pool to work with a friend. Every small action results in big benefits.