Savannah Recycling 101

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From the plastic juice container in your refrigerator to glass bottles, much of the products we use can be recycled. Find out what you can recycle, how it works and why you should.

This consumer-friendly product holds most of the products we use on a daily basis from the foods we buy to the grocery bags we carry the food home in. But did you know that while most plastic can be recycled, it is a finicky process that requires great attention and care? The problem lies in the different types of plastic. In order for plastic to be recycled, it cannot be mixed with different types of plastic – otherwise it won’t melt together. Even though there are different types of plastic, we can’t see or feel the differences. To counter this problem, plastic manufacturers have placed specific labels on their products so they can be easily identified. The plastic containers that would hold milk, juice or water will be marked with the recycling code “C.” Grocery bags or other types of plastic found in packaging are usually plastic types 2 or 4. These bags usually end up as plastic lumber. The other type of plastics (B) may be found in video tapes or computer discs. Made from a mix of materials, these plastics cannot be recycled unless they are first disassembled. 

Aluminum Foil and Cans, Steel and Glass Products
Unlike plastics, these items are easy to sort when recycling. However, a glass bottle shouldn’t be mixed with glass from windows light bulbs or mirrors. Aluminum cans must be separated from plastic and steels cans when they are recycled. Aluminum foil and other aluminum scrap products can be recycled unlike other metals.

Luckily for trees, most type of paper can be recycled. The exception to this is waxed paper, pet food bags or any other type of paper with plastic layers. White office paper that has not be colored can be recycled with mixed paper (this can include everything from magazines to even staples). Newspapers can also be recycled with brown paper bags.

Aseptic Packaging

From boxes of juice to soy-milk containers, these square boxes are used for storing liquids. It is difficult to recycle such packaging, but Coca-Cola maintains a list of recyclers. Call 1-800-888-6488 for information.

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