Reducing Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

How would you like to live healthier and help the environment at the same time? It’s not too good to be true. By riding a bike, rollerblading or walking to work, school or the store, you can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If your trip is too long, call up a coworker and share a ride twice a week. You’ll save on gas money, too!

When Driving is a Must
There are times when we really need to drive places. But if you maintain your vehicle properly and even drive it smart, you’ll still reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. For starters, leave yourself more time to get where you are going. When we accelerate quickly and brake suddenly, this burns up twice the amount of fuel. Also, follow the speed limit. This is not only a safe driving tip it will actually save the amount of fuel you burn by about 20%. Using cruise control is a consistent driving method, which saves gas. When possible, turn off the air conditioner and use the car’s vents. Keeping your windows up will stop wind resistance which slows your car down and uses more gas to keep your car moving.

If it’s winter time, take the bags of mulch and other landscaping out of your car. If it’s summer, remove the ski rack. Having heavier objects in your car just weight it down, which guzzles gas.

Maintaining Your Vehicle
Did you know that by making sure your tires have the right amount of pressure, you can save fuel? Small acts such as changing your oil, getting a new fuel filter and having your car serviced saves on gas.

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Car
If your budget is not quite ready for a hybrid you can still go green on the road. Smaller cars that get over 30 miles to the gallon are a good option. When you stop to get gas, consider using an ethanol blend.

Where You Drive
You can also reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by choosing the best route for your trip. Avoid steep hills and roads with many curves. This causes you to use a lot of gas. If you can avoid a route that gets rush hour traffic, take it! Stopping and accelerating in traffic jams waste gas.